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1812 Miles Report for March 2015

Another month is down, and it has been a very successful one in my quest to complete 1812 miles by swimming, biking, or running. You might call this my own personal triathlon campaign for the War of 1812 Preserve the Pension project! Remember the challenge is out there for one and all to complete the project with funds raised before I complete the 1812 miles combined, and the miles on bike as a stand-alone goal. The table below shows my progress to date:

Disciple/Month February March Total
Swim Miles 1.25 .5 1.75
Bike Miles 80 240 320
Run Miles 49 97.3 146.3
Grand Total Miles 130.25 337.8 468.05

So with 468.05 total miles completed as of Saturday, 28 March 2015 that leaves 1343.95 miles to completion of the combined challenge, and 1492 miles for the completion of the additional stand-alone bike challenge.

On Saturday, 7 March I ran the Rex Lee Run of Cancer Research in behalf of several of my friends, and family battling with it. One of whom is Pat Oxley (Former FGS President) who by the way was one of the driving forces behind the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions Project.


In this photo, I am pointing to the name of brother in-law “Alfred Krahenbuhl”, however Pat Oxley’s name is also on the wall at the race.  Perhaps another way we can honor our colleagues battling with cancer is to contribute to the War of 1812 Preserve the Pension Project on their behalf. Hey, just a thought!


In this photo I am at my racking (Staging) area for the Icebreaker Sprint Triathlon on Saturday, 21 March 2015. As you can see, I am very serious about completing this challenge. It was also the day before my 61st birthday. My thoughts were with the valiant Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines that fought in the War of 1812. As I ran the race, I thought about them, swimming rivers, riding their horses over rough roads and pathways, and marching over some of that same terrain while carrying 40 to 50 pounds of gear. Yes, the very veterans we are trying to preserve the pensions for. Let’s not forget about what they have done not only for our Nation, but for us. Help lighten their burdens by contributing to the War of 1812 Preserve the Pension Project.

So what is on the docket for April? With the weather getting better with each passing day, you can rest assured that I will be out there completing the needed miles. On Saturday, 25 April 2015, I will be running in the “South Shore 5K – Helping our Neighbors in Need” which is hosted by the Interfaith Social Services Center in Quincy, Massachusetts. I will also be speaking at the New England Regional Genealogical Conference in Providence, RI from 14 – 18 April. So all of you out there in New England stop by and say hello and please contribute to the War of 1812 Preserve the Pension Project. Until the end of next month – THANK YOU!


Anchors Away!

I have started painting War of 1812 US Sailors. These will be a very limited edition. (One is already sold on a pleading pre-sale, which I could not refuse).

Seven of the sailors will be depicted on board ship with splashes of sand on the deck. Sand was spread on the deck whenever a ship was headed into direct contact with the enemy. The sand prevented the sailors from slipping on the wet deck.

Another five sailors will be depicted as having duty on shore such as at the Battle of Bladensburg. Thus, they will be depicted having muskets and on grass.

I am still waiting on 4 others that are on back order.

When these sailors are completed they will add to the “War of 1812” military personnel collection that fought during that conflict. The sailors are available to those who make a $100.00 donation and will be numbered and signed!

I am still looking for suitable US Marine figures to paint. However, being a Marine myself, I am a bit picky on the model to represent the US Marines.



All proceeds on these unique figurines benefit the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions effort! Donate today to save these incredible historic documents.

The Challenge

As you may know, I have set a goal to swim, bike, and run 1812 miles by the end of 2015 on behalf of the “Preserve the Pensions” fundraiser. Some of our supporters have chosen to donate by pledging funds towards every mile that I complete. That is great, and I thank you very much.

I started on Monday, 16 February (President’s Day) and by the end of the month I completed the following:


Mike’s Tri-cycle

Swim:  1.25 miles
Bike:    80 miles
Run:    49 miles (many run while wearing a 10 lb. backpack)

TOTAL: 130.25 miles

Miles left to complete: 1,681.75


Now back to the 1812 mile challenge: While running to work this morning, it occurred to me that I could send out a challenge to the genealogical community as a whole, and especially societies, to complete the Preserve the Pensions fundraiser.

My challenge is: FINISH THE PROJECT before I finish 1812 miles!  
And yes, all donations associated with my miles completed will be counted toward beating me to the finish.

Well there you have it, the gauntlet has been thrown, WHO AND HOW MANY WILL PICK IT UP?!? WILL YOU?!?!   Your rallying cry could be “Beat Mike to 1812”!

With very little effort, and if every society got on the bandwagon, you could easily beat me to 1812! If at least half of the 600+ societies associated with FGS were to pledge $3K then the final $800K would be met and I would lose.

And to throw in an extra bonus: Not only will I swim, bike, and run 1812 miles before the end of the year, I will also bike 1812 miles total. There that gives you a little bit of extra time, but not much!

But that’s not all! One more incentive: If the donors to the Preserve the Pensions fundraiser beat me in my goal, I will spend 30 minutes at any society’s booth at an upcoming FGS and/or NGS conference to answer questions for your members.

Well, I think I have given you enough ammunition to “try” and beat me to 1812! The question is “WILL YOU DO IT?”