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FGS2014 Celebrity Fun Walk Success

No question about it! The FGS 2014 Celebrity Fun Walk was a resounding success. We here at the Preserve the Pensions committee are proud and humbled by your generosity. The power of the community and the power of compounding were both on display.

We can’t thank Judy Russell of The Legal Genealogist enough for lending her voice to our cause.  She was the clear winner of our challenge, bringing in over $11,000 in online donations alone.  We also thank our other Celebrity Walkers – D. Joshua Taylor, Kenyatta Berry and Ed Donakey – who split the remaining donations pretty evenly. Each of these individuals, spreading the word within their respective communities, contributed to the success of this event.

Before we get to the numbers, here are a few photos for those folks who haven’t joined us at our Facebook page. (Which you can do here.)

San Antonio Texas Fun Run FGS 2014 011

San Antonio Texas Fun Run FGS 2014 012

San Antonio Texas Fun Run FGS 2014 033

It turns out, Judy wasn’t kidding about the Walk being at “oh dark thirty”! The sun was just barely coming up by the time the Walkers returned to the convention center. However, their efforts on your behalf were well rewarded:

FGS2014 Celebrity Fun Walk Donations


Plus Federation of Genealogical Societies Match


Plus Match


Equals Funding to Digitize

362,206 pages

$20,000 in direct donations for a single event is nothing to scoff at. But being able to convert that into an $80,000 contribution with our matching partners turns a great fundraising drive into a phenomenal one. And this same success can be duplicated across the country with society matching campaigns taking advantage of the compounding offered by the Stern-NARA fund and

In the coming weeks, we look forward to sharing with you the efforts of two such societies who have already committed to matching campaigns for Preserve the Pensions. Several more societies are in the process of submitting campaigns to their board members for consideration.  We hope to be able to lend our voice to their efforts very soon as well.

Working together, we will see this amazing project to preserve an invaluable record collection through. Our deepest appreciation goes out to our Celebrity Walkers, Matching Partners and the hundreds of individual donors like you who made this event such a success.

A big round of applause to you all!


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