Join Preserve the Pensions for Preservation Week April 21-27, 2013

preservation week 2013

The Association for Library Collections & Technical Services created Preservation Week in 2010 due to an estimated 630 Million items in institutions that require immediate attention and care. Approximately 80 percent of these institutions have no paid staff that is assigned to collections care. Preservation Week aims to raise public awareness of institutions that provide preservation services and information and to highlight what we can do as a community and individually, to preserve our personal, family and other shared collections. Preservation Week is used to inspire and illustrate how to preserve personal, family and other shared collections.

Preservation Week 2013

What does preservation mean??
Preservation is a term used to describe all activity that is used to prolong the life of records by minimizing the deterioration of records and preventing the loss of content.

Why is preservation important?
According to @ Your Library there are an estimated 4.8 billion records that are held by more than 30,000 institutions in the United States alone. Of these 4.8 billion records in public trust over half are not protected with an emergency action plan for natural or manmade disasters, another 1.3 billion of these records are at risk of being lost forever due to deterioration. They estimate that there are trillions of more items held by the general public that are at risk as well!

How can I get involved?
You can attend a Preservation Week Event at one of your local institutions. You can plan ahead to ensure that your families collection will be treasured by future generations by preserving your Family Treasures. You can ensure that your Digital Materials, such as digital photographs, audio, video, E-Mail, personal digital records and websites are archived.

Preservation Target: War of 1812 Pension Files

You can help support preservation efforts at FGS by making a donation to the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions. The National Archives states that the War of 1812 pension files are some of their most requested materials. With a high level of use, these valuable records, that are available in no other format, are in grave danger! We must act now in order to preserve these files before they are lost forever. We urge you to DONATE today, even if it is small, to help us Preserve the Pensions and celebrate Preservation Week.

Share your personal Preservation Week activities with us on Facebook, Google+ or on Twitter using #Warof1812 #PTP or @1812Pensions.

The digitized images of War of 1812 Pensions that have already been captured are available for FREE online and will always be FREE. You may view these images at

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