The Challenge

As you may know, I have set a goal to swim, bike, and run 1812 miles by the end of 2015 on behalf of the “Preserve the Pensions” fundraiser. Some of our supporters have chosen to donate by pledging funds towards every mile that I complete. That is great, and I thank you very much.

I started on Monday, 16 February (President’s Day) and by the end of the month I completed the following:


Mike’s Tri-cycle

Swim:  1.25 miles
Bike:    80 miles
Run:    49 miles (many run while wearing a 10 lb. backpack)

TOTAL: 130.25 miles

Miles left to complete: 1,681.75


Now back to the 1812 mile challenge: While running to work this morning, it occurred to me that I could send out a challenge to the genealogical community as a whole, and especially societies, to complete the Preserve the Pensions fundraiser.

My challenge is: FINISH THE PROJECT before I finish 1812 miles!  
And yes, all donations associated with my miles completed will be counted toward beating me to the finish.

Well there you have it, the gauntlet has been thrown, WHO AND HOW MANY WILL PICK IT UP?!? WILL YOU?!?!   Your rallying cry could be “Beat Mike to 1812”!

With very little effort, and if every society got on the bandwagon, you could easily beat me to 1812! If at least half of the 600+ societies associated with FGS were to pledge $3K then the final $800K would be met and I would lose.

And to throw in an extra bonus: Not only will I swim, bike, and run 1812 miles before the end of the year, I will also bike 1812 miles total. There that gives you a little bit of extra time, but not much!

But that’s not all! One more incentive: If the donors to the Preserve the Pensions fundraiser beat me in my goal, I will spend 30 minutes at any society’s booth at an upcoming FGS and/or NGS conference to answer questions for your members.

Well, I think I have given you enough ammunition to “try” and beat me to 1812! The question is “WILL YOU DO IT?”

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