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Video Release: David Rencher on The Lives of Individuals

We continue our October series releasing the new Preserve the Pensions promotional videos. Featuring D. Joshua Taylor, David Rencher and Curt Witcher, each video offers a unique take on the importance of digitizing the War of 1812 Pension Application files.

This week: David Rencher, Federation of Genealogical Societies Secretary and Chief Genealogical Officer of FamilySearch.org, shares the incredible value these pension records have in detailing the lives of individuals.

Individual Lives Remembered

Certainly historians value these documents for the details they provide about officers in the command structure and battles their units were involved in. But the ability of these documents to provide the details of an individual soldier’s life cannot be overstated. Take a moment to browse the free images associated with Joshua Albertson mentioned in the video.


The file consists of 47 images. A few of the genealogically significant elements gleaned in just three of those images:

  • Age 90 in 1875
  • Wife’s maiden name of Catherine Crockett
  • Misidentified on the rolls as Joshua Alerd
  • He did not serve in the Civil War
  • He enlisted at Fort St. Stephens, near the Tombigbee River, Alabama but he is requesting a pension in Washington County, Indiana

Not Just Soldiers

If Horace Heffren, Townsend Culshaw or John H Calloway of Washington County, Indiana are among your relatives, you’ll find them in the pension files too! This pension application files tells us these gentlemen are all alive as of 27 November 1875. They share a common associate in Joshua Albertson.

The Power of Video

The pensions are a powerful tool in the genealogist’s and historian’s toolbox. Video is an equally powerful tool in the communications toolbox. It allows us to distill a topic we could spend hours talking about down to its essential elements within a compelling narrative. These videos offer us the opportunity to convey our cause to people who may never have heard of the project in a way sure to get, and hold, their attention.

We hope you enjoy the videos yourself and will help us share them far and wide. So we may achieve our goal of preserving this incredible collection and providing to you free now, free forever. You can see all four at our YouTube Channel:

War of 1812 Preserve the Pension

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Raising an Army: We Need You


To Raise an Additional Military Force.

BE IT ENACTED by the Senate & House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That there be immediately ratified, ten regiments of infantry, two regiments of artillery, and one regiment of light dragoons, to be enlisted for the term of five years, unless sooner discharged.”

~ Gettysburg Centinel, June 3, 1812


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The Gettysburg Centinel June 3, 1812.

This notice, delivered as a call to arms, an act of building a military force, was published on June 3, 1812, as the United States started down the long road of war once again. Fighting to preserve the independence duly won during the American Revolution, this nation lifted arms against the acts of the British crown and marched forward.


And now, we must once again place ourselves on the field of battle.

Genealogists, family historians, military historians and reenactors, historians of every kind, and citizens all, we must come together as one to save a collection of valuable and irreplaceable historical documentation from the War of 1812. Indeed, we have a duty to preserve the pension files of our soldiers and sailors, to work together to ensure that these fragile connections to the past are captured forever.

Our fight will continue, our long road to victory, will only carry on until the fundraising is complete.

We need you.

Hundreds of Soldiers on the Front Line
More Recruits Needed!

Hundreds of individuals and organizations have already donated. Many have participated in matching fund campaigns, have used social media, blogs, websites, and other virtual tools to spread the word of our endeavors. Reporters have told stories, writers have written article after article, press releases’ and town calendars have been peppered with notices of events and activities. All aiming to make the general public more aware of this “forgotten war.” Today, we rally together to say, “Forgotten No More.” [Tweet this]

It is our time! We must carry forward, and bring new recruits as we march. Fall in line, soldiers, for we are on the road to victory!

Rather than weapons, our soldiers carry their voices. Call out across the countryside, the time is now! Our mission is clear: we must work to raise enough funds to digitize the pension files from the War of 1812.

This week, we offer to you, our Army, a challenge:

When you make a donation, post to your favorite social media platform and call for one of your friends to match your donation. When someone comes forward, ask them to put the challenge on their social media. How far can we spread this message? A donation of $25.00 turns into $50.00, then $100. That equates to 200 pages of saved pension images!

Will you stand with us? Donate now to help us raise $1812 every day in July! #1812today

Celebrate the Second Revolution!

July is a month for celebration across the United States. As our families gather for picnic’s and parades, the Preserve the Pensions War of 1812 Committee is inviting you to celebrate the Second Revolution with us.

Americans across the country will celebrate our Independence and reflect on the Revolutionary War in the coming days. This month can and also be a time when we remember the “Second Revolution,” the War of 1812, and the soldiers and sailors who fought to ensure that our nation was secure.



Today we are launching a fundraising campaign with a lofty goal: we hope to raise $1812 every day during the month of July. Each day you will see updates and progress reports on our social media channels and weekly on this blog. We will be asking you to donate, to share our stories and information, to spread the word of our campaign. Next week, we will be raising up an army of virtual volunteers; all focused on that one goal. This entire project is likely the most significant crowd-sourcing campaign ever attempted in the world of family history, and we are more determined than ever to ensure its success.

Genealogists, family historians, educators, military historians, re-enactors, lineage societies, one place studies, one name studies, historians of all kinds… there are many categories of people who will utilize the digitized War of 1812 Pension files, which will remain FREE FOREVER on Fold3.com. We need to reach them all. Spread the word by sharing on social media, using the hashtag #1812today.


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$1812 by 18:12

Each day on our Facebook page, we will be sharing our progress, and that includes a renewed level of energy as we approach the 18:12 (7:12 pm Pacific / 11:12 pm Eastern) mark on the clock. You can watch as we count down the last 18 minutes and 12 seconds, giving you the final warning for your daily donation. Why not take it one step further? Donate $18.12 every day at 18:12!

Societies, your impact is truly vital in this campaign. Create a matching funds program with a bit of flair; initiate it at July 18th and 12:00. Or set your target at 18 days worth of 12.00 donations. Perhaps you can get 1812 people in your community to sign up for our email newsletter, or “like” our Facebook page. No matter what you do, please be sure to share with us, so we can promote your program and your efforts, as well.


We need your voice

This campaign will not work without you, and we need your voice. Please take a few moments each day to share our posts, like our pages, retweet our message. Only as a community will we be able to accomplish this goal. You can request brochures, download material, and utilize our widgets from the Media page on the website.

We will do our best to keep you updated on the progress as we move through the month, and reach for our goal of $1812 every day! Lastly, make sure that you are receiving our email updates {sign up here} which we will send out throughout the month for the latest news as we celebrate the Second Revolution!

The 2nd Revolution has begun! Help us raise $1812 every day in July! {Tweet This}