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A Christmas Wish

It was 1856, and Asa W. Allen was waiting for an answer. After serving in the War of 1812 from the state of Connecticut, for years, the pension commissioner had failed to locate him on the military rolls. He and his wife Sophia now living in Oho, and the waiting continued on.

He married Sophia on December 25, 1818 in New York. That was one Christmas wish granted.

Finally, the answer had been received, his pension had been approved, and the 91 pages in Asa’s file became part of our national history. Included in his file are bits of information that family historian’s wish for: maiden name of his wife, his bounty land claim (#68667), a description of why he was eligible for this claim, a sworn affidavit from his sister-in-law on their marriage, a notarized letter from his own death, and funeral service information. And much more.

After Asa died, Sophia of course had to apply again for her widow’s pension. In the documents, she makes the statement that she can’t give information on several of the lines required, and asks the pension board to refer to her husband’s application [paraphrased]. She died just a year after Asa.

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A page from the pension file of Asa Allen.

There is so much value in these records to genealogists, historians, researchers, authors, teachers, and many more of us. It can certainly make the “all I want for Christmas” wish list come true. We can all help in preserving these documents, and we can help today; right now, by making a donation.

Will you join us in preserving our history and give a Christmas gift to all of us, and to future generations? Donate in honor of Asa or Sophia, in honor of your own ancestor, in honor of your grandchildren.