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Celebrating in July!

Welcome to July, 2015!

There is always so much to celebrate during the month of July. We spend time at family gatherings, picnics, and honoring our nation’s heritage. During the coming month, we are excited to celebrate our progress in the effort to digitally preserve the pension files from the War of 1812.

We have found some amazing material within the collection so far, and what better way to share it with our friends than in our Facebook group? We now have just over 1,000 people engaged in conversation, asking interesting questions, and assisting each other in their War of 1812 related research. Whether you are a genealogist, historian, or educator, we would invite you to be a part of that community.

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Page 1 of Joshua Maberry’s Pension file, Virginia

Every day in July, we will be sharing a new image found within the digitized files at Fold3.com. And with every image, we will be asking for your support in raising the final funds to preserve the entire collection of archived records currently held at the National Archives and Records Administration.

We have raised over 50% of the necessary amount, but we continue to need your help in this effort. Set up your monthly donation, talk to your employer about a matching donation, and work with your genealogical society to crowdsource even more! And after you do all that, spread the word about your donation on Twitter!

Remember that your donation goes a long way. The images will be free forever on Fold3.com, and every donation is matched by Ancestry.com, so your $45.00 donation becomes $90.00 and saves 200 pages of these historic, fragile files.

Tell the world today, “I donated to the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions!” [Tweet this!] and enjoy our month of historical documents in the Facebook group. Together, we will celebrate our American heritage, and we will celebrate the continued success of this historic effort.