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Austin, Texas – The Federation of Genealogical Societies (FGS) is pleased to announce new pension images available at our hosting partner, Fold3. As we detailed in August of this year, conservation had resumed and digitization would shortly follow on War of 1812 Pension files covering surnames M(Moore)-Q. This new release of images is the first installment on the promise made by FGS, National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and Ancestry to complete the project we started and to which you all have so generously contributed. Additional images will follow as the Ancestry digitization team continues to refine their process and achieve full capacity in accord with NARA protocols.

The War of 1812 pensions are among the most frequently requested set of materials within NARA’s holdings, yet had never been microfilmed or digitized. Through a fundraising effort unprecedented in the genealogical community, more than 4,000 individuals, 115 genealogical and lineage societies, and industry leaders such as FamilySearch helped FGS secure the funds, matched by Ancestry, to preserve and share this invaluable genealogical resource. The images already captured, as well as those soon to be, are hosted at Fold3 and available for free at https://go.fold3.com/1812pensions/
“The Federation remains grateful to our partners and our supporters for their commitment to this important project. We are as excited as our community to reach this milestone.” – Rorey Cathcart, FGS President
“Accelerating public access to our holdings is key to successfully meeting NARA’s mission and we are extremely pleased to see this project contribute to that overarching goal.” Pamela Wright, Chief Innovation Officer, NARA

“We are excited to have images flowing to the Fold3 site again and look forward to completing the collection as quickly as NARA’s process will allow.” Brian Hansen, GM Fold3

The Federation is committed to seeing the entire collection conserved, digitized and freely online at the earliest possible date. We will continue work with our partners to complete the current project plan in a timely manner and to secure a project plan for the remaining portion of the War of 1812 Pension files.

Fundraising in March

We’re looking forward to an incredibly successful 2016 for the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions fundraising campaign, and we wanted to share with you where those donations are coming from!

We have two maps to share – the first represents those states from which we received individual contributions. The second will show states from which we received donations through a society program or match campaign.


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Contributions from individual donors, March 2016.

Way to go California! 23 total donations from the state!


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Contributions from Societies, March, 2016.


Take a moment to compare to previous months – you can see we had a significant increase in donations from across the country. Want to see the maps side-by-side? Check out our image gallery on Facebook.

Don’t see your state represented? Don’t wait – set up your automatic monthly donation today, and help us digitally preserve the War of 1812 pension files forever – and make them freely available to all! Can we obtain a donation from every state in the Union by year’s end? We would love to see a rainbow of color across the nation!

What has Mike been up to?

Many of you are following along on Mike Hall’s mission to run, bike, and swim 1812 miles this year as a fundraiser and awareness effort for the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions project. You can follow his progress not just on our blog, but also on that of Judy G. Russell, CG, The Legal Genealogist, and supporter of this worthy cause!

Don’t forget to follow along in our July “show and tell” — sharing an image a day from these pension files in our Facebook group so you can exactly what your money is helping to preserve.

Here is Mike’s June update!

1812 Miles report for June 2015

By Michael J. Hall

In my march towards accomplishing my challenge to complete 1812 miles by swimming, biking, or running, I was able to add a few more miles in my best month to date. You might call this my own personal triathlon campaign for the War of 1812 Preserve the Pension project! Remember the challenge is out there for one and all to complete the project with funds raised before I complete the 1812 miles combined, and the miles on bike as a stand-alone goal. The table below shows my progress to date:

Disciple/Month February March April May June Total
Swim Miles 1.25 .5 .5 2.5 3.0 7.75
Bike Miles 80 240 168 112 308 908
Run Miles 49 97.3 99.1 62.3 153 460.7
Grand Total Miles 130.25 337.8 267.6 176.8 464.0 1376.45

So with 1376.45 total miles completed as of Saturday, 27 June 2015 that leaves 435.55 miles to completion of the combined challenge, and 904 miles for the completion of the additional stand-alone bike challenge.

On Friday and Saturday, 19-20 2015 I ran as part of a relay team in the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay race. There were 12 runners on our team (Sneakers), with each of us taking 3 legs of the race. My first leg was about 8 miles straight uphill, my second was a flat 2.1 miles at 0300 hours in the morning, and my last leg was 4.5 miles straight downhill. The total length of the race was 194 miles from Logan to Midway Utah over at least three mountain passes. It was a very enjoyable and fun time with everyone working as a team to accomplish the goal. Again, my thoughts went out to those brave veterans of The War of 1812 who had to work as a team to transverse the various harsh terrain of our fledgling nation. Without that spirit of cooperation, they could not have accomplished what they did.

We have a chance to show that same spirit of cooperation and teamwork by contributing to the Preserve the Pension Project. Let us not give up until we meet the goal of finishing the project.

Mike Hall, Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay

Mike Hall, Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay

In this photo, I am at the start of my first leg (the 8 mile straight uphill) of the Ragnar Wasatch Back Relay.

So what is on the deck for July? July will start with a 10K race at the Freedom Festival in Provo, Utah on July 4th. Later, on the 25th of the month, I will be participating in the Spudman Olympic Triathlon in Burley, Idaho. It will start with a very cold one mile swim down the Snake River, followed by a 25 mile bike, and ending in a 10K run. So like the veterans of The War of 1812, I’ll be training, and honing my skills for the challenges that I will face. So if you see me out and about, give me a big smile, honk of the horn, or just a simple shout- out, and I will return a big smile and a wave. But better yet, visit the Preserve the Pension Project website and contributing to a great cause.

One final note, I have completed painting limited edition War of 1812 Irregular Militia, and Native Americans that fought on the side of the United States. With a one hundred dollar contribution, plus just a little bit more for postage, you can have one. There are four sailors, and 12 Native Americans left. They will be mailed to the first 16 individuals that contribute the required amount to the Preserve the Pensions Project. Until the end of next month – THANK YOU and Semper Fi (Always Faithful)!

Ragnar Team Photo:

Mike Hall and RAGNAR team

Mike Hall and RAGNAR team

Read more about Mike’s challenge – for himself and for all of us – on this blog post.

If you have a fundraising idea for the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions, and would like to be featured on our blog, please contact our Social Media Chair by emailing 1812@fgs.org.