Donation's collected at the New York Family History Conference in Syracuse

Thank you, New York!

Today in Syracuse at the New York Family History Conference, we were delighted to watch as Mike Hall finished his most recent fundraising effort for the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions. He has been walking, running, biking, and swimming all year in order to reach 1812 miles – all of which were matched by Judy G. Russell and the readers of The Legal Genealogist blog – one dollar per mile was guranteed.

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Judy Russell explains her fundraising efforts for the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions.

Well, Judy’s readers certainly came throgh on their word:

  • Total donations made through the Preserve the Pension website: $3316
  • Total donations made through The Legal Genealogist: $2120

Did you know Judy Russell doesn’t like odd numbers? 

So she rounded up, and made the final donation $2500.00!

It wasn’t enough.

At today’s lunch, sponsored by the New York Genealoigcal & Biographical Society and the Central New York Genealogical Society, we were all there to see Mike finish his miles. We were all there to witness the presentation of this incredible donation to the War of 1812 Preserve the Pensions fund. We were all there to watch as Judy once again made a call – for the attendees to open their wallets, find that spare dollar bill in their pocket – to come together for the preservation of these precious documents.

And boy did they ever!

New York is full of wonderful people. Around 350 of the region’s finest were sitting in the ballroom at lunch today. Donations large and small were piled on the table. Quarters, $50 bills, checks, even Canadian currency! All was contributed with laughter and smiles.

Together, Preserve the Pensions walked out of the lunch today with another $2300.00!!

All together, this effort – Mike’s miles, Judy’s work to spread the news, cash and coin donations during the conference – saved over 70,000 pages of the War of 1812 pensions. Mike was able to raise $450 per mile.

You can watch Judy’s presentation of the donation on this short video.

Congratulations to Mike – for his tenancity, his creativity, and his determination to see this through and to do it with style. Our continued thanks to Judy for lending her voice to this effort; for continuously working as cheerlearder for this campaign. To her readers for making sure that every mile was worth more and more. And to those attending this conference – proving once again how incredible the family history community really is.

We did some great things in New York this weekend – and we thank you, sincerely – for the continued effort and energy towards this groundbreaking project. Even with this progress, we still have so much to do – and so we ask you again to reach into your wallets, and please make a donation today.


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